“Dear Babbzy,

This is the worst thing you have ever heard. I know that I am gonna get assaulted by telling this story but I need to tell it.

My wife has Lupus.  She has been really sick and it come and it goes.  We struggled to have a child because of this illness.  Her mom now, who was after me for years, I finally gave in to her and had sex with her.  Her mom is 46 and is not supposed to be getting pregnant but it looks like I was wrong.  But the issue is now that my wife who has been on fertility pills for the last how long is now pregnant as well.  They are 3 weeks apart.

The mom cannot have an abortion because of her age.  The doctors has advised against it.  My wife is excited.  How do I tell her that I am having a child with her mom without her getting sick or breaking her heart or lose her baby?