“Dear Babbzy,
I don’t even know where to start!!! But I’ll try to make it short . I’ve been with my husband for over 13 years but were recently married 3 years ago. Slowly I’m beginning to realize that this man has nooo Backbone I talking bout a big sexy strong man eh . And because of this I’m always the one to pay the price. Most of the time I endure certain situations because of my struggle with my Christianity , my loyalty to my family and plainly not just wanting to deal with the drama or “take it there” as some might say. Because when I go off I can be real off. Currently this man have me and Two kids living in a two bedroom apt with his brother age 25 in the next room .All because his sister who is married with kids and has a house that is under renovation  is “Staying” with his mother for the past 5 years. The entire family only promising me that their “man child” will be out of my hair soon and I should just be patient. Babbzy when I tell you this boy don’t do nothing to contribute round here . In exchange for his stay we asked him to at least pay the light bill yeah right every 6 months we getting light bill for all kinda $1000 and my husband simply finds the money to pay it awaiting promises from his brother to pay him back. He buys no food and always digging in my blasted fridge like he put something there. He has No Job, no woman and no kids all his money goes to is weed, weed, weed. He even stole money from me once to buy weed.He never follows the rules of the house which is basically yuh make mess clean it because we also have two small kids living  here. he is not allowed to smoke around them but as soon as I’m not here I come home to find weed fixings and cigarette buds every where and when I tell him to clean it he more vex than me. My husband says nothing and does nothing to correct these behaviors but when I retaliate i’m the biggest bitch form hell. The last time we had an indecent is because this imps had all his friend over one night when i wake is beer bottle, ash, and buds all over the place after politely waiting for him to wake him i asked him to clean up homeboy start to cuss my and play rap music in-front of my kids something we all agreed should never happen in front of them . when I asked to be reasonable and turn it off he get more hot so I switched of the breaker. well that is when the real pasa pasa start. This boy went and called the world to tell them that I wake him to clean and because he didn’t want to i cuss him and turn of the breaker. the whole time he was carrying on I had little to say because of my kids being there .This boy disrespected me stole for me, lied about me, ignores his duties and my husband is very passive and won’t send him to live with their mother I think his family is selfish his sister’s family not only occupies the master room but the guest room at their mother’s house.but me and my four person family have to squish in a bedroom i’m fed up how am I going to address these issues without throwing all my brother- in- laws crap out the window. am I in the wrong. I don’t believe that ultimatums are productive. OH I’ve already left the house once because of this mess but I don’t want leave my husband because his family is selfish.
P.S. this not even why I wrote you I guess I’ll have to write back.”



Please kick that reject out of YOUR HOUSE tonight…. whats with you people letting other people come and run your place?? You have no backbone either!!! #realtalk!! And if your husband got an issue kick his ASS out too!!!