“Dear babbzy,
I rececntly found out that I am the product of an affair.
It actually explains why I was treated the way I was growing up.
My brothers and sisters all look alike except for me.
My mother was married when she had me with a married man.  So the man who I always thought was my father is actually my step father. 
The man who is my father right now is sick with colon cancer and they say he is not going to make it.
I hardly know this man and now that I know he is dying I have so many emotions I cannot keep them under control.  I just found this information out and he will be gone and my mother acts like such a bitch about the situation like I am the issue. 
Should I be at this mans bedside?  What if he does not want to see me there?  Whats should I do?”



I would call him first… and feel him out… you will know from there….