“Dear Babbzy,

I love your site, you give me jokes all day. Getting down to the topic, I have a very dear friend that i’m worried about. She was in a abusive relationship for 9 years which her son has witnessed several years of it. She finally got the courage to leave but ended up having another baby shortly after (for a new man). They are now in a relationship and he lover her older son but the issue is the son acts out in school fight n beats on the other kids. Also he has this problem where he refuses to use the bathroom in public and will go on himself and not say anything. not #1 but #2… Babbzy I’ve taken care of this boy myself, he is sweetest kid but very manipulative. He is in therapy but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Also his jerk of a father dropped off the face of the earth and refuses to help out when it comes to him. Please give me some advice to help my friend. She’s at her wits end and is ready to ship him off to military school.”



Her son needs love and therapy… shipping him off somewhere is the last thing he needs right now…  children at 9 know how and when to use the bathroom, that is a sign that something deep is going on….