“Dear babbzy,

ive been living in hell for quite a long time. let me jus start by sayin i feel hate surrounded me all my life.

wen i was young my stepdad uses ta molest me wen i told my mom she never believed me my father was never dere for me n every now n den i hear my mom say ahe should of have an abortion wen she was with me. it really hurts ta have her say dis. i am now at the age of 20 with 2 kids for the same man evry ting was goin well until i got pregnant with the 2nd. he meet dis girl he stop sleeping home started beating me n telling me some of the worst things. he would tell me to go and die ot to go and jump off a cliff. dont he realize am a human being and i have feelings? my mom hates me as well as my siblings my bf leff me for another girl move me out of his house so she cudd live dere i feel so hurted. deres alot more i cudd mention but dis is just to much for me i really need some help i love my kids i want to b a great mom. i feel suicidial or feel like smoking am jus stressed with all dats goin on am tryin to be strong