“Dear Babbzy,
I thought I was gay.  Well I mean I knew I was gay from around age 6.  I have never been with a man.  Well until recently.

I went to Barbados for crop over and I met a man and we were cool hanging out all the time nothing too serious.  But one night I got drunk and so did he and we ended up having sex.  And what shocked me is I actually loved it.  I was in Barbados for a month and we had sex every single day til I left.

I have 2 women that I mess with here in London.  But since crop over I did not have the desire to mess with them any more.  I just have my mind stuck on this man.

Is it possible to become ungay? I am afraid to discuss this with anyone else so I sent you this email to remain unknown and see what advice you have for me.  Thank you for your time.  ”



Well… I guess cocky strike you like lighting… mi….seh…. lol… Um… yeah… No comment hay!!!