“Dear Babbzy

First let me say that I only found out about your blog yesterday but from what I see you offer great advice.  My problem is I’m a 19 year old guy at uwi and can’t seem to find a good girl to save my life. I was messing around wid my best friend but she claimed she was going back to God which I have no problem wid only to realise she was horning me. Since then I can’t seem to find a good girl at all and I’m contemplating being one of those guys that just use women cuz too many of these girls head fill wid nuttin but hot air. My only problem with that is that I was raised to treat ALL women with respect so I’m conflicted. Thanks for the advice I’m gonna get even if it’s harsh”


Um.. To be honest.. at your age.. I would not be focused on no woman.  I would really make sure you do well at UWI.  If you get some sex here and there then take it… but buckle down on your books and make sure you do WELL at school…. take my advice!!!!