“Dear Babbzy,

This is about my 17 year old son who is now being charged for rape.  He has a girlfriend and she is 15 and she got pregnant and her parents are now charging my son.  Where I live it is against the law for anyone over 16 to have sex with anyone under 16.  The girl does not want to charge my son she says she is in love with him.  But the parents are saying that I must either give them 100,000 american dollars and they will drop the case or they will make sure he gets convicted.

My son is black and not even an adult yet and if he gets charged with rape he is going to be listed on the sex offenders list and he will never ever have a normal life.  The only place I can get this money from is from selling our house.  I am torn because I want to protect my son but right now I do not know what to do.”



*sigh*… oh boy… this one is tough.  Do not give them people no money.  Because they could take the money from you and still charge you.  If you can give me more details what you need is a serious lawyer… I mean like SERIOUS lawyer.  Mssg me back….