“Dear Babbzy,
I am a 20 year old bajan and what most people in my age group would consider boring, because I do not party or use my money buying up hair, nails and make-up. My problem isn’t about finding a man, it is actually the opposite.I know this letter probably sounds dumb, but I am in a relationship for over four years but I do not want to have sex anymore. I am actually trying to live a more holy life and wants to become a “real” Christian. However, my boyfriend is making it difficult for me; he doesn’t want to let me go, because he says I am the whole package and hard to find and loves me badly. I love him alot too but I want to do what is right. It does not make any sense abstaining while in the relationship with him, because we’ve tried it on numerous occasions but then we always end up under the sheets. Plus it is difficult to stay away from him since he is the closest person to me and when I tell him it is over, he always find a way back in my life. I guess I’m just too soft and nice because I feel that I am too harsh abandoning him after all the years and stuff we went through. Yes, I know I should’ve kept my virginity to avoid this but at that time I wasn’t about Christianity. I do not know how to get out of this relationship. I know some readers would say it is easy but this relationship reminds me of domestic violence but without the violence.”


Sweetheart your boyfriend is not making anything difficult for you… you are making things difficult for yourself.  If you make a decision it is up to your faith, will power to STICK to what you have OUTLINED for YOURSELF… he doesn’t want to abstain so blaming him makes no sense.  He doesn’t find a way back in your life.  You give him the pathway back in.  You have some choices to make.   Based on this letter it seems to me that you are not turning Christian because you want to either…. Christians DOH follow Babbzy… lol..  I wish you luck!!!