“Dear Babbzy,

my grandmother , was assaulted yesterday by three men,a Marshall and two policemen. They had come looking for my uncle and my grandmother told them that he was not at home and they did not believe her, so my sister told her to open the window and at least talk to them and she said “why?” “he is not at home.” Then I told her to open the window to hear what they were saying, she listened and then she shut back the window. They presented no warrant to enter the premises. They kept saying maam open the door we have 7 warrants for him and she said he is not at home. I unlocked the door and as my grandmother was about to lock it back the Marshall then pulled the door forcibly and tried to force himself inside and as my grandmother was trying to close her door she was pulled outside and fell on some rocks that are located to the bottom of the door. The marshall then said ” If I can’t get your son I shall take you.” They held her down and started putting handcuffs on her and so she bit one of them and so they said you’re under arrest for assault. My grandmother was on the ground screaming from in pain saying “let me go, let me go, these are tight” and all of her privates became expososed due to their manhandling and they wouldn’t allow her to fix herself. Me and another elderly lady helped her to right her clothes among the confusion with the policemen. After we righted her clothes, kept saying “take these off of me they’re hurting my hand”, then they pulled her, threw her into the police vehicle and the marshall slammed the door on her foot. They then drove off with her. The policemen are pressing charges against her and saying things that are not true about her. I would like this to go viral to show that police brutality in Barbados must stop and that my grandmother should get Justice for what they did.”


I am not sure that there is anyone to file this complaint with.  In Barbados these people all work together.  I am sure someone will come and comment and give some advice but I am stumped with this one.