“Dear Babbzy,
I am not sure if I was raped so I say let me tell you my story.
I was at a party one night with a fella I know we danced a few times.

When I was leaving he said he could go and get some food to eat I had declined and then he said it is no big deal to him.  So I agreed.

We got some food and then we stopped by an area where there was no houses lights cars nothing.  He told me he really liked me and wanted to take things futher.  I said I move slow so I wasn’t interested I just wanted to go home.

He started kissing on my neck and I was okay with that but then he put his hands on my private and I pushed him away.  And he forced his hand there again so I just let him leave it there.  He started taking off my clothes and I didn’t say NO but I didn’t say YES.  When he got on top of me I realized he was not going to stop so I didn’t say anything.  He stayed on top me for about 35 minutes.  He then got dressed and drove me to the top of my street and told me to go home.

The thing is I called him the next day and he refuses to speak to me.  So I am really confused.  Was I Raped???”


What happened to you is unfortunate.  The problem here is you don’t seem to have been very vocal.  But in my eyes if you did NOT want to have sex then you  were raped!!!