“Dear Babbzy,

5 years ago i met the love of my life. Our relationship was not a serious one at first, but over time it grew into something more. He met me and another woman at the same time and for a year or two he was with us both. I knew about her (and it did not bother me as at that point i was not interested in getting serious or falling in love). This other woman lived overseas so he would travel to see her from time to time …she did not know about me. Some may say that that would mean I have no respect for myself etc etc but I knew the score and this man never deceived me or made it into something it wasn’t. As time went on both of us realized that our feelings for each other and what we shared was bigger than we both expected. I tried to separate myself from the situation on more than one occassion as I expressed that I could not continue to be with him if he still had this other woman in his life. Every time I tried to break it off we would both end up right back where we started. We have mad love for each other and we are also friends as we knew each other long before we actually hooked up. So about 2 years into this thing, he decides that he wants to end it with her and be with me …..and she tells him she’s pregnant (yes it is his) …..so being the type of person that he is he would not feel right about leaving at that time so i did not make a fuss about it ..i said i would leave him to do the right thing by her and i would extricate myself from the situation …he couldn’t bear the thought of losing me and asked me to be patient as his heart was with me and he promised me that we would get to be together the way we wanted to be. So a year later after the birth of his daughter, he then announces that he has to marry this woman in order to stay in the country she lives in so that he can be with his daughter. She works for airlines so she flies and is gone regularly and she has no living relatives so it is up to him to look after the child. I walked away at that point as i could not forsee being with a ma!rried man no matter how much i loved him …..she insisted that they marry even though he told her he didn’t want to. He comes from a home where there was a single parent and his father was absent and took no interest in his life and he couldn’t live with himself to be the kind of man that was not there for his daughter. I understood but still decided i was done…he promised me that yet again in time we would have the kind of life we wanted ..he loves me and couldn’t lose me ..i love this man Babbzy and i decided that I would stay in the hope that he would live up to his word even if it meant being patient and waiting for his daughter to grow a few years and be able to fly between countries to be with both parents. So through it all..the false marriage and the whole scenario i stuck by him. It has now been 2 years on and he is still married to this woman even though they are not in love. He travels back home to see me when he can but everything now is for his daugther and i do love her and i love him so i am trying to make it work even though a part of me is not happy with it as i am getting older and i want a family of my own etc. He is telling me he cannot give me an answer as to when he can finally break away (he hasn’t told this woman the truth about me) and that hurts me. I have known this man for a large part of my life and i do not doubt that he loves me…i think he is afraid to leave because she may take away the rights to his daughter and he feels he will fail her as a father. I respect his decision to be there for his daughter but i need to move on with my life and find someone who can love me the way i deserve to be loved. I have expressed this to him and he knows that it is probably for the best but he keeps saying how much he loves me and doesn’t want to lose me and he knows it is unfair to expect me to wait and he hates hurting me but he cannot do better right now. Babbzy what do i do? Do i stay and be patient for a love i know is real or do i walk away now and open my heart to other pos!
ps? I love him but the waiting is killing me.”


Girl… doh take this the wrong way but… you getting ASSED OUT… This man always PLANNED to marry this woman… he PLANNED to have a child with her.. he just like having sex with you and feeding you a bag of lies wake up nah.. how you know she “insisted” ¬†because he told you so??? CHILD PLEASE!!!!!… I doh see what you are “waiting on”… girl de only thing you does wait fuh is de BUS….

You need to move on with yuh life…. this man is NOT COMING TO YOU SWEETIE!!!!!!