“Dear Babbzy,

My family is from India and they strongly believe in arranged marriages even though we no longer live in India.  I was born in Toronto and I basically grew up with all races of people more black people though.

I was a virgin up until I was 19.  My parents arranged a marriage for me but my friends told me to make sure that I had sex with him before we married because I could be stuck with him for life.  I mean it’s not like I could get out of it that easy now that I look back but we had sex.  I thought it was good at first.

I ended up going my best friend’s brothers wedding.  He got married to a woman from Barbados.  She has a cousin that sat with me at the wedding and we ended up getting close and starting a bond.

He is such a nice man.  But I made the mistake of having sex with this man once and Babbzy this is the reason I write to you.  My future husband has nothing on this man.  This Bajan man showed me what sex is really about.  I have never been put in those positions before my future husband isn’t this skilled.  This man can have sex in any position and can go for long lengths of time without finishing.  I daydream about him every single day the other day I ran off the road and hit the sidewalk because my mind is just not there.   It is a good thing that no one was hurt.

I know that I cannot get out of marrying this man my family has found.  But knowing that having sex with him for the rest of my life will be basically sub par has me worried.  I am not saying I want to marry the Bajan man but I am not willing to stop having sex with him right now.  What do you think?”


Babbzy – so let me get this straight…. the man sex so good it cause you to run off de road?? Send me de man number please I live in Toronto I aint know bout no Bajan man causing yuh to speed wobble… you got me curious now…

Anyhow… I would be very careful I know how this arranged marriage thing does go…. you cannot get married and keep having extra marital affairs.  You gotta let go of one of them…..