Whats up everyone…

It’s been a while right??

Well as we slowly get back into the swing of things… please read this small note before getting busy bout hay… lol..

1.  We will no longer be able to support older devices.  If you cannot comment or scroll etc please note that we as a team had to make a decision regarding how fast we wanted the site to be.   The more devices supported, the more issues and slower the site is.   We have optimized things but if you rolling with a Curve 8520 please note your device may not work.

2.  The Facebook comments is something that FACEBOOK made.  Therefore, if you cannot use the Facebook comments it’s probably because there is an issue with Facebook.  I have no control over that and with 2 systems talking to eachother there will be issues from time to time.  Please be patient.

Thanks so much!!!!