“Dear Babbzy,

Where have you been all my life?  Seriously?  I need a friend like you man you just really don’t mix matters.  I found you watching your video about Guyanese, and when you ended off the video I felt this cold shiver down my back.  You made a comment about people dying their hair blonde and pretending not to be Guyanese.  I can relate.

My mother had me when she was 18 years old.  My mother is Guyanese but left Guyana when she was 10.  I don’t know how to put this but my mother’s family is basically White and Portuguese Guyanese.  So this idea of classism is high in their minds.  The man my mother got pregnant for is a black man.  So you know I don’t have to tell you the rest.

When I was 4 years old, my mother told me to get dressed that we were doing to Disney World.  Living close by in Orlando at the time I used to see the commercials and always wanted to go there.  My mother drove and took me to her friends house who is also Guyanese.  She told me she was going to get gas and come back.

She never came back Babbzy.  That was the last time for years I ever saw my mother.  After that it was headache and heartache.  The family I lived by were not legal in America and one of the uncles ended up getting murdered and then all of us got deported back to Guyana.  This family did all they could for me they did not have much.  My replacement mother died about 4 years ago and I realized how alone my life was.

I am now 41 Babbzy I am doing okay for myself I am back in America.  I decided I wanted to track down my biological mother.  I wanted to know why she did this to me.  I mean I cannot even keep a relationship with a woman I trust no one.

I found my mom Babbzy with the help of a private investigator and let me tell you I thought it was the happiest day of my life.  She is married to a man who has his own insurance firm.  He has a decent amount of money so I was happy to know that even though my life was full of turmoil her life was okay.

My mistake was not at least calling her before I showed up.  Because I wanted to surprise her.  Babbzy, my mother has assumed a full white woman identity.  I mean the blonde hair you name it the works.  So when this black child of hers showed up she did not know what to do.  She called the police on me.  The police came and I showed them my documentation to confirm she was my mother.  You know she told the police “This nigger is trying to frame me”.  Her own child she called a nigger Babbzy.  I left there and swallowed an entire bottle of Advil and wanted to die but I ended up getting my stomach pumped and I am still here.  I wish I had died.

No one can know the pain of their own mother acting like she does not know you.  What did I do to her so bad at age 4 that she totally wants nothing to do with me?  I need answers from her.  I cannot even go on in life without answers.  Why does she have her white children but because I am black I cannot be claimed?  I need answers.  I refuse to allow the woman that gave birth to me to just drop me out of her life like this.  She needs to stand up and admit the truth.  How do I get her to admit the truth?  Because all she seems worried about is her husband finding out she is really Guyanese and has a black child.  How could people be this heartless?”


Babbzy –  Bro, I like to lead with optimism but I do not think you should continue with your quest for acceptance from this woman.  She sounds demonic.  I think you need to get a therapist and work though this issue.  But looking to your egg donor is not the road you need to go down!!!!