“Dear Babbzy,
you will judge me i know but i would hope someone can give me some advise on this matter.

i was cheatin on my man for 2 year.  with a soca artiste.  me and my husband hit a ruff patch so i won’t get in that right now

i got pregnant the time i was stepin out.  i had always assume my daughter was ours.  but as she getting older she not realy lookin like him now.

my husband granny came up for some health stuff.  from she take one look at our daughter she ask why de child so white lookin and hair so straight.  she say de child look like no one in they family.  i never reply at the time but she keep stickin on this topic sayin that this child look odd to her.

my husband i think now has some ideas about maybe her not being his but how do i say something what if the daughter is his then i would be telling my hand for no reason.  what should i honestly do because this man granny will not eas the pressure.”


Babbzy –  This story is so blasted disgusting.  I could only imagine the amount of man out there with someone else kid and swearing BLIND it’s theirs… FYI.. if the GRANNY has doubts… you got problems!!!!