“Dear Babbzy,
I need your help with this one because I feel to murder this man.

My wife.  I put so much help into she.  I take she from the ghetto and gave her a good life.  Now yes I work plenty but I still make time for she all the time she don’t want for nothing.

So I gone by  my friend house a day and another man was there right.  So we there vibing and thing having we drinks.  Me and this next fella catch up in a discussion that start to turn left.  I will admit I had in drinks.  So the fella I did arguing with is a Jamaican the man tell me that “some man fatten fowl fi mongoose”.  De room went quiet.  So I find out that my wife.  My wife that I take she from nothing got another man.

Now when I confront she she admit to me because I gather the fact she couldn’t hide then.  But since I find out I tell she get rid of the man.  Even after I confront she I go threw she phones and she and the man still talking.  I track down this man, I went to he place of work.  The man tell me leave from round there.  Okay.  2 weeks pass and they still talking.  So I went to the man house.  You know the man is a twin and he and he brother come to come beat me?  Babbzy I give them some blows cause I was not going down like that.  Yes I get some blows too but I give back a good few.  2 starve out Jamaican men can’t beat me.

You know my wife she playing she want to move out after the fight.  Bout she love the man, after the man tell me that he just having fun and when he done with my wife he will send she back.  But what sort of ignorant people I get involved in my life?

Babbzy, what would you do because I am losing patience with this man.  He is not going to take my wife from me I work too hard to put she where she is.  No way.”


Babbzy –  Boy… you sound like a fockin idiot.  Yuh lucky dem 2 Jamaicans aint drop 2 gunshots in yuh igrunt ass.  What you doing stalking the man for?  He owe you something?  You know him?  Your beef is with your WIFE.  She has shown you that you is in 2nd place.  Have some pride pick up yuh balls and leff the woman.  Shit man….