“Dear Babbzy,

Short but simple okay.
I basically hate my wife.  I didn’t always hate her.  She was okay at first.

She is just not the kind of person I see myself with.  Her and her family are very mean and disgusting people.  All they do is sit and gossip and talk about everyone.  What makes it worse is that when those people appear they basically smile in their face.  Ia m beginning to think they do the same to me when I am not there.

I cannot trust her with any of my info because she talks way to much.  I basically just have sex with her because the sex is good.  But she wants to start a family and I just can’t see me having a family with this woman.  Not with the ignorant people she has around her.”



Babbzy –  She turned ignorant over night?? Her family too?? Maybe you was ignoring the signs!!!!