“Dear Babbzy,

I am a young woman. I met a man with great morals, changes the way I see life and loves me but you can never have it all. He came with 2 kids from a previous relationship which was on and off again for 6 years. However we got married and all hell broke loose with this woman. She took him to court, called my family members saying how much of a bad person he is, she stalks my facebook by using countless profiles and those of her friends and family.She has nothing good to say about us. Everyone she meets she talks about us and they come back to tell us. I had to create a new profile and all kind of things.After the wedding she lost weight and looked miserable, sending hate mails all night. Now about the children the older one is 5 yrs of age but he doesn’t speak to me farless greet me or allow me to touch him and his father says it’s his personality, the younger one is the complete opposite. She uses the children to get to him saying they are sickly and what not, he loving these children and falls for it all the time. He loves his kids and picks them up from school every afternoon, however she still took him to family court because she heard I was pregnant and he got me a car. I am not pregnant. This girl has done everything to get on my last nerve, she’s done everything to anger me from calling me and saying he has STD’s to saying he steals and is in debt. Due to all which happened my husband collapsed on night and I had to call the ambulance. She found out and was willing to take a bus to come and see him, calling his family members as if she had a title as if she wasn’t the cause. He has high blood pressure and it can get fatal quick. Babbzy I was waiting for that! I seriously can’t take any more of this girl’s games and she is 6 yrs older than I am and is playing a childish game. I am not asking him to choose but we need a break from this girl and her children. Am I wrong?”


Babbzy – Lawd.. this is not a good situation.  No matter what you cannot get a break from the children that isn’t possible.  They never asked to be here.  If you all are going to family court, I think its time to perhaps get the police involved even if it is to shake her up a bit and scare here.  Even though he is suffering from medical conditions at the end of the day he is the man and needs to step up and find some sort of solution so you and him can both have your sanity.