Dear Babbzy,
I am doing my research in several different ways but over all praying asking for GOD’s guidance in my life situations. My intentions each year is to vacation on my birthday to a different place, thus far I have accomplished my goals. I happily resigned my job in 2014, prior to my leaving my job, I planned and paid for my vacation. My vacation of choice was to Barbados. I must say it was AMAZING! While I was there, a certain young man encountered me and he is Guyanese too!!! He works and lives in Barbados. When I touched back down in the U.S. he began to contact me daily via different facetime apps. Let me mention, I have no kids and never been married!!! I will say 2 months after I go back to the U.S. he started to say he had “FEELINGS” for me and also mentioned wanting to get marry to me. I am very SKEPTIAL and aware that  GREEN CARD, American freedom, American OPPORTUNITY is in the plan. He extended an invite for me to come back to Barbados to see him and he paid half for my flight. So 2015, I made the journey again across seas to see him. I met his daughter (so yes he has a baby ma’am)and all “SEEMS” to be “OK” He says consistently that he is a GOOD MAN, that he LOVES me, he is FAITHFUL to ME, he is not the wild type of guy, he goes to work and  back home with his daughter, etc. We have discussed methods of he coming to the U.S. i.e. Fiance Visa or visitors Visa. He explained to me how 3 years ago he went into the embassy to petition for a “VISITOR’s VISA’ but was DENIED! I do not want to go so extreme to marry to fast. I am taking it for face value, but he could be a good men, but he also could be a scam artist. I have heard several horror stories about nonimmigrants pretending to be in love with a U.S. citizen, get married and after that 2-3 year grace period, TAKE A FLIGHT!  I also see it as an American man has the same traits too; marry on one day and gone the next minute
1 It is all a huge RISK to take. HOW TO KNOW if this is not another overseas disaster waiting to happen???

Thank you and please do reply.



Babbzy – the fact you gotta ask me you have the answer.  Do not take on no setta problems especially one you will be paying heavy import taxes on.  Stick with the DUTY FREE yuh hear 😉