“Dear Babbzy,

I had to tell you this because sometimes you got to just do what you got to do.

My husband, this man will sleep with almost anyone on the planet.  Everytime I catch he cheating he just stops and then months later he moves on to another woman.  These whores out here love to mess with a married man.  This last women he had she took things too far. She showing up at his job and giving him lunch.  He went to his workplace party with her and left me at home and that is where I had the last straw.

I got wind that they were there and then I showed up and then it was on Babbzy.  I mean on.  Like on.  Imagine the woman asked me what I am doing there like the man isn’t my husband.  Before she could finish I drag she out that dress she had on it was not a real match I mash she up.  Then my husband let me tell you I pelt bare blows in the man police came and drag me off of he.  He would not come home for days he was so scared.

After it was all said and done that is the last time he ever cheat on me.

Women must know when these men sleeping about they need to beat them.”


Babbzy – *rolls eyes*  Great… beat your man to stop cheating… lol… you got the gold medal right there boo!!!