“Dear Babbzy,

I am probably your biggest fan believe me there is nothing that you do that I don’t know.  And seeing your last videos in Grenada made me realize the really big mess I am in and I am writing to you for some advice.

I live in New York but I am basically illegal here.  Things have not been the best I have moved around a lot.  I have 2 children that were taken from me until I can prove that I can take care of them.  I no longer know what options to take because everything I try nothing works out for me.  I need a job but the jobs that pay minimum wage I will never get my children back.

I am confused if I should just go back to Grenada and accept defeat or stay here and try to get things together.  I have a family in Grenada I would not have rent to pay if I go back home.  The man I live with here in New York he is in a wheel chair but he was willing to take me in we do the best we can.  He is from St. Vincent.

What do you think because I am really lost and confused about this?


Babbzy – Go back to Grenada… and make sure you take your children with you!!!!