Dear Babbzy,

i need to let you know what is going on in my life because i have no one to turn to my family have turned on me

i had a very hard life and for the first time i am happy but to people it does not look right but i am happy so what can i really do

my mother is currently in prison. she was drug dealing and she will get parole in 2021.  when she got arrested she was not in the best place with her man which is my step father. he basically raised me because no one knows who my real father is.  my brother and sister went to live with they father so i was left alone in the house with my step father.

we ended up getting close at first because we only had eachother and then we ended up being in a relationship.  he is really good to me and i am now pregnant my sister and brother are mad and my aunts my family dont mess with me because of it

but i am happy without their help or support. i do not work or have a job but i have my moms house and i live there with my step father.  i think i can take care of a child on my own i am 19 years old and when i have this baby i will start working.

shouldn’t i live my life and be happy Babbzy.  why do my aunts and my family disown me over this.  i am happy for once they should be happy to.


Babbzy –  I am speechless for once…….